Our Cars, a brief history.


Built in Derby in 1934, Brigitte is a Rolls-Royce 20/25, commissioned by Jack Barclay, a prominent Rolls-Royce dealer, for his salesroom in London. He selected Thrup & Maberley, a prestige coachbuilder of luxury marques, to build the limousine body.


Her first owner was Mr Pierce from Surrey, who later moved to Kent, taking Brigitte (and his chauffeur) with him. She was later sold to become a working car in the north of England, before finding her new home here in Derbyshire.


Clara is also a Rolls-Royce 20/25, and was built in Derby in 1936. Her first owner was Mr Mitchellhill who commissioned Hooper to build the limousine coachwork. Hooper was based in Westminster and was noted for producing luxury carriages by special order, with customers including royalty from Britain and abroad.

Mr Mitchellhill (a London theatre impresario) was involved in such details as selecting the wood and upholstery finish for his new car, but it was his chauffeur who exclusively drove Clara. During the war she was garaged, and although situated in a part of London which suffered significant bombing, the car escaped damage. She also remained garaged for some years after the war as the petrol allowance was insufficient to warrant her use.

By the early 1960’s Clara had been shipped to California where she remained for approximately 40 years before returning home to the UK.

We are proud to be the current custodians of Brigitte and Clara and look forward to sharing these two glorious, wonderful cars with you, in the same way the original owners enjoyed them.